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Our Story

New Zealand Pump Company (Europe) Ltd is a 100% owned subsidiary of New Zealand Pump Company Group. New Zealand Pump Company (Europe) Ltd has been located in Burton on Trent in the UK since 2008. The production and sales team work closely together in the same premises.

New Zealand Pump Company (Europe) Ltd's value to Burton on Trent was recognised in 2015 in the Staffordshire Business Awards.

The loyal customer base and growth in demand for the Ezi-action® Drumpumps in UK and Europe is testimony to their recognition as the premium hand pump of choice for pumping from bulk containers.

The leading dairy hygiene supplier that first took the Ezi-action® Drumpump to market in NZ continues to offer this drum pump as a profitable product line globally. Today this multinational chemical company continues to recognise their quality and sources Ezi-action® Drumpumps from New Zealand Pump Company (Europe) Ltd for its UK and European requirements.


New Zealand Pump Company Group has been helping manufacturers and resellers of liquid products grow market share and increase profits globally for more than 20 years.

The company started in Hamilton, New Zealand in 1991. when its founder David Johns partnered with the New Zealand inventor of the patented hand pump.

Along with quality, David embedded into the company the core family values of Support, Service, and Loyalty.

Never stepping away from these values David made sure his family was always involved with the company. The Johns' children seen in this photo using the earliest Mark I Ezi-action® Hand Pump, have played a role in the business over the years. His wife, Claire Jenkinson-Johns replaced the inventor as business partner in 2000. Hayden Johns, their son, was with the sales team in the UK from late 2012 to early 2015 servicing customers across UK and Europe.

Sadly David Johns passed away in 2002, but he left a strong legacy in the New Zealand Pump Company, which has continued to go from strength to strength under the leadership of Claire Jenkinson-Johns, Managing Director and President. The loyalty and dedication of USA based, Vice President Sales, Jim Maines, a good friend of David’s, further strengthens the business.

The legacy of the Mark I version remains in the T handle on the company's logo.

The New Zealand Pump Company developed the Mark II version, a mix of PVC and polypropylene and introduced the world to the Ezi-action® Drumpumps' innovative ball handle and safety strap that remains a distinctive, key feature to this day.

The durablility of the Mark II version was demonstrated in 2015 when a customer in Scotland contacted the team seeking to source more Ezi-action® Drumpumps. The pump he had was more than 15 years old. Read more.


Continued market research identified the need for widened chemical resistance. This led to the 100% polypropylene Mark III version of Ezi-action® Drumpumps. A widened range of pump sizes and increased chemical resistance allowed Ezi-action® Drumpumps to be used successfully across all market sectors around the world.

Over the years the range of accessories and seal options has further expanded in response to customer needs.


Increasing demand for Ezi-action® Drumpumps saw production grow from the garage of the inventor to the round barn on the Johns family farm and then on to industrial premises in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Today, manufacture with NZ sourced components in the Hamilton facility supplies the UK premises of New Zealand Pump Company (Europe) Ltd. At the Californian premises of NZ Pump Company Inc., USA and NZ sourced components are used to manufacture the Ezi-action® product range for the Americas.

We remain a family owned and operated company that continues to strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and to provide customer orientated hand pumping solutions.


To see how well our drum pump works, watch our quick Ezi-action® Drumpump Features Video

If you’d like to work with our sales team then please Contact Us.

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