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Ezi-action® Splash Guard
Splash guard with bottle

Do you want to fill small containers using the Ezi-action® Drumpump?

The Ezi-action Drumpump with Splash Guard offers quick refilling of bottles from a bulk container.

  • Maximises the benefits of bulk buying chemicals from 20 litre containers upwards in size.

  • Protects from splash back when dispensing chemicals.
  • Safer, faster filling of bottles and containers with 20mm - 38mm openings.
  • Dispenses without leakage.
  • Decreases wastage.
  • Makes purchase of bulk cleaning chemicals a genuine option for hotels, motels, hospitals, public buildings and public bathrooms.
  • Reduces your company's carbon foot print because bulk containers, refilling and using a pump that assures longevity means less plastic to dump.

This unique spout also secures the Ezi-action® Safety Measure to the Ezi-action® Drum Pump. Read more.

The Ezi-action® Splash Guard can be supplied as an accessory or already fitted to the Ezi-action® Drumpump.



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