Why Ezi-action Drumpumps Are The Best Hand Pumps Available

10 March 2021
Eziaction Best Plastic Hand Drum Pumps

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are the best plastic hand pumps in the UK and Europe because they answer all the questions that our varied customer base asks of them. Our reliable hand pumps have also been reviewed and featured in a number of publications including the respected UK magazine Maintenance and Engineering.

Key questions customers always ask, and where Eziaction drumpumps prove to be the best, include:

How long will it last?

We have customers in the UK and Ireland who have been using the same drumpumps on their farms and factories for over 15 years. Whilst our pumps have an industry leading warranty of 2 years, many clients find with basic care and maintenance that they last a lot longer. You might think this is not the best business model in a world where people buy a new phone every year, but we find that delighted customers who appreciate our quality, reliable, easy-to-use and fully serviceable drumpumps continue to recommend us to others which helps our sales.

Is it value for money?

Ezi-action® Drum Pumps offer excellent value for money because as noted above they last for many years and are the only fully serviceable drum pump on the market. We make them in New Zealand and the US in our own facilities using impact resistant, FDA compliant polypropylene. Our pumps don't leak and we have adaptor fittings to fit all the common barrel threads. All our pumps are traceable from the moment they leave our factories where our experienced manufacturing staff have tested and performed rigorous quality checks on all our products.  Copies of our hand pumps are being made from inferior plastics in China but responsible businesses in UK and Europe appreciate that our quality construction and unique serviceability are highly valued by their customers.

What will it pump?

Our hand pumps will pump nearly anything you can store in a drum, barrel, container, tote or IBC. You can learn more about Eziaction pumps for acids and chemicals, and also about how many in the food and craft beer industries choose us as their best choice. Ezi-action® drumpumps are chemical resistant and will ensure the purity of your chemical or food liquid during pumping. They meet food standards worldwide.  Certification for meeting European Food Standards is available.

Is it safe and easy to use?

The solid round, ergonomic ball handle means one hand pumping is easy. With our hand pumps there is no friction to overcome during pumping and they pump vertically meaning staff don't need to bend over. This is important for eliminating repetitive strain injuries and simply making the job easier. Ezi-action® drumpumps have excellent hand pump safety features developed over many years, that work and can be relied on. The handles are firmly secured and the safety strap works effectively to lock the pump down.

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