What’s The Best Portable DEF Pump For AdBlue?

20 November 2019
AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid at the pump
Ezi-action hand drum pumps, sold across the UK and Europe, are proven for dispensing Exhaust System Additives like AdBlue for reducing harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Emissions. The use of AdBlue has been shown to cut up to 90% of NOx emissions that diesel vehicles produce. In 2019, now more than ever this is critical in many industries from freight and transport to agriculture and domestic vehicles.
AdBlue is the registered trademark for AUS 32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%). As its a urea solution it is acid which is corrosive to many materials.   It is dosed into the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system carried onboard SCR-equipped vehicles in specially designed tanks. However when transferring it you must have a pump that can tolerate acid. For over 25 years Ezi-action Drumpumps have been proven for dispensing a huge range of strong acids, and they can handle dispensing AdBlue.
A key concern is always that the fluid transfer process won’t contaminate the AdBlue. Because AdBlue is of the highest purity if transfer and pumping equipment is not secure then you can potentially contaminate an entire vehicle fleet. Ezi-action drumpumps are manufactured in New Zealand under strict controls meeting ISO22241-3 which is the international standard for handling, transportation and storage.
When dispensing with an Ezi-action drumpump you can be confident that the specified quality of your AdBlue will not be affected and will remain free of contaminants. In addition, our pumps allow easy one hand pumping action with no waste or mess and they are fully serviceable. Our European team based in England support the 24 month warranty that comes with all pumps.  Our range of hand pumps fit containers and barrels including 25 litre, 60 litre, 200 litre  or IBC. For pumping AdBlue there really is no better solution.
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