Looking For Ways To Reduce Plastic At Ezi-action® Drumpumps

17 September 2019
Ezi Action Drum Pumps UK Reduce Plastic Packaging
The volume and negative impact of plastic pollution, particularly in our waterways and oceans, is a topic that is growing in awareness and urgency throughout the UK and Europe, and around the world.
The Guardian UK recently reported that 40% of all plastic produced is made for single-use packaging, which ends up in landfills or discarded. In December 2018, the Royal Statistical Society named the fact that only about nine percent of all plastic ever made has likely been recycled, as its statistic of the year.
Our Ezi-action® Drumpumps are manufactured from sturdy polypropylene and polyethylene plastic. Because they are the only serviceable hand pump in the world, the expected life of our pumps is 5 years, with some happy customers using the same pump for 10 years or more. However our pumps have traditionally been supplied in plastic bags that some customers might discard after use.
Following discussions within our team and with customers, we are now providing the option for customers to get their Ezi-action Drumpump with no plastic packaging. Due to quality of construction and our careful handling, our hand Drumpumps still arrive to customers in Europe and the UK in perfect condition without their plastic packaging.
Our team is investigating other ways to further our environmental policies, recycle and reduce wastage. If you would like your drum pump provided without packaging, or if you have suggestions for how we can help reduce pollution and pressure on the environment, then feel free to get in touch.
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